I offer to serve as a facilitator in your self-initiated process of healing and transformation of body, mind and spirit.

My approach to healing and personal transformation is holistic, focusing on you as a unique, complex, dynamic being of body, mind and spirit. In the course of our work together, we will explore areas that influence your state of well-being. We may address your health history, life stressors, belief systems and attitudes, your family and childhood history, diet, exercise, dreams, longings and how you are in relationships.


  • create beneficial behaviours and beliefs
  • release stress, anxiety and guilt
  • manage or relinquish pain
  • overcome addictive behaviors
  • create healthy relationships
  • release affinity with illness and depression
  • increase energy levels
  • create structure, order, harmony and balance
  • experience joy, passion and freedom
  • reclaim your personal power
  • heal ancestral and generational issues
  • healing of wounds, injuries and bones
  • healing of emotional trauma, insomnia, fatigue and skin problems
  • improving the effectiveness of other therapies both traditional and complementary
  • pre and post-surgical balancing and strengthening
  • post-surgical healing
  • enhancing immune system function
  • easing the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • maintaining overall health

"Recognize that within yourself which is so valuable, so precious that you keep it locked away even from yourself"

Tammy Marinaro

  • Testimonial

    "Tammy's easy professionalism and personality made it easy to relax and feel able to trust in the security that whatever was about to happen would be ok.

    She was not fazed or judgmental about my issues and helped to bring understanding and acceptance to my mind and body. The healing process was powerful and non-invasive and, from the first sessions, cleared deep feelings which had showed themselves as physical aches and pains that had been affecting my life. I, now, feel able to move on and am open to better relationships and situations.

    There is bound to be more healing needed in the future and I will go back to Tammy to continue where we left off.

    The effects are on-going! Thank you for the lovely energy and gift that you have nurtured."

    - P. Allen,
    Berkshire, England